Classes & Education

At Hunter Banks we pride ourselves on providing education opportunities to assure anglers feel comfortable and find success on the water. Take a look at our upcoming classes below and enroll now.

Upcoming Classes

Introduction to Fly Tying

$79.95 - RSVP and Enrollment Required

Have you always wanted to learn how to tie flies? Dreamed of a day when you catch a fish on your own creation? Or have you purchased a starter tying kit but never understood how the collection of tools, threads, hooks and hair come together to build a fly? Whatever the case, we have an exciting new opportunity for you to learn the art of fly tying. We understand that the environment in which you are learning a new skill is nearly as important as the content that is being taught. This class will have a fun and relaxed atmosphere allowing you to feel comfortable and focus on learning.

Enjoy Instruction from two of our team members, Miller Watson and Forrest Dorsey.

Class Includes All Tools and Materials, Beverages From Highland Brewing Company, Light Snacks, and a Visually Enhanced instructional assured to give you a proper introduction into the methods and techniques of fly tying


Private Tying Lessons

2 hour evening weekly session for 6 weeks

If you learn better in a one on one environment or are looking to take your tying to the next level, our 6 week private tying course will improve your tying skill immensely. Shane Buckner, who's been tying for close to 30 years, will choose a series of flies that will both challenge you and assure that you catch fish when you hit the water!

To book a private tying lesson give us a call and book directly with Shane.


Introduction to Rod Building

Upcoming Class Dates Coming Soon

Have you ever wanted to build your own fly rod? The Building Your Own Graphite Fly Rod course is designed for beginners who are interested in learning the art of building their own fly rod using graphite materials. This hands-on course will provide participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, and techniques to construct a high-quality fly rod tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Through a combination of theory and practical exercises, participants will gain a deep understanding of rod building fundamentals, materials selection, rod assembly, and finishing techniques. By the end of the course, participants will have a fully functional and customized fly rod to take home.

Course Objectives:
1. Understand the basics of fly rod construction and the benefits of building your own rod.
2. Learn about the different types of graphite and carbon materials and their suitability for various fishing applications.
3. Gain knowledge of rod building tools, equipment, and their proper usage.
4. Acquire hands-on skills in rod blank preparation, guide selection, and placement.
5. Gain the ability to apply the techniques of rod wrapping, epoxy application, and finishing.
6. Develop an understanding of fly rod customization and personalization.
7. Learn how to evaluate and test the performance of a fly rod.