• Wapsi Antron Dubbing Black Gnat Image 1

    synthetic dubbing made up of long semi translucent fiberslooks amazing under the water and helps kee…

  • Wapsi Antron Yarn Black Image 1

    carded product made up of trilobal filament.good for body, tailing, leg and shuck material.

  • Wapsi Arctic Goat Black Image 1

    a very fine flowing furperfect length for any streamer or saltwater paternincredible movement when u…

  • Wapsi Bead Chain Eyes Black Image 1

    easy to use product that helps create eyes for bass, streamer, and saltwater patternsavailable in XS…

  • Wapsi Black Bear Fur Natural Image 1

    a consistant colored fur mixed with a soft under furseparate out the follicles and stack to make tai…

  • Wapsi Bucktail Black Image 1

    great option for any pattern that calls for deer hairdyed over bleached white fur

  • Wapsi Calf Body Hair Fluorescent Orange Image 1

    a great choice for traditional wing or tailing materialone 2"x2" square patch per pack

  • Wapsi Cone Heads Copper Image 1

    heavy tungsten cones perfect for adding weight on to streamers or nymphsavailable in S, M, and L siz…