• Wapsi Flex Seal Image 1

    coats feathers for wingcases or seals spun deer hair fly bodiesavailable in a 1oz bottle.

  • Wapsi Dubbing Wax Image 1

    available in regular and extra tackysimple application to any threadwax provides additional grip whe…

  • Wapsi Round Lead Wire 0 010 Image 1

    used to add additional weight without obscuring the overall taper of your nymph or streamersoft and …

  • Wapsi Variegated Chenille Black Coffee Image 1

    very similar to Ultra Chenille in its constructionComes in a variety of banded colors.approx 5 yards…

  • Wapsi Ultra Chenille Cream Image 1

    standard for streamer body creationdensly packed chenille that comes in several different colors and…

  • Wapsi Thin Skin Black Image 1

    transparent sheet of elastic vinyl.2"x7" in lengthavailable in several colors as well as mottled col…