• Wapsi Squirrel Tail Natural Fox Image 1

    trim or cut the long guard hairs away from the tail for spikey nymph bodiesapprox 8-10" in length

  • Wapsi Rabbit Skin Black Image 1
    $19.95 - $21.95

    soft-tanned and expertly dyed over bleached white furvery dence and easily cut into strips of your s…

  • Wapsi Premo Deer Hair Black Image 1

    the largest and highest quality deer body hair availableeach patch measures approx 15" x 2.5"

  • Wapsi Muskrat Fur Natural Image 1

    very fine down under fur with sparce guard hairsgreat nymph and dry fly dubbing

  • Wapsi Kiptail Flourescent Chartreuse Image 1

    also known as calftailversatile material typically used for tailing and wing material

  • Wapsi Hares Mask Natural Brown Image 1

    un dyed and all naturaleach mask allows you to choose which dubbing material you wantbecause it is n…

  • Wapsi Gray Fox Fur Natural Image 1

    fantastic natural gray with freckled black and brown furguard hairs are great for tailing material a…

  • Wapsi Elk Body Hair Black Image 1
    $4.95 - $7.50

    the best ingrident for elk hair caddis dry fly patternshollow hair follicle to help dry fly patterns…

  • Wapsi Deer Belly Hair White Image 1

    the best choice for spinning deer hairdyed over bleached white fur to create the brightest colors po…

  • Wapsi Calf Body Hair Fluorescent Orange Image 1

    a great choice for traditional wing or tailing materialone 2"x2" square patch per pack