• Wapsi Holographic Tinsel Gold Image 1

    very durable tinsel.does not split when stretched out.Small (1/69") (30m per spool), Medium (1/32") …

  • Wapsi Gummi Body Image 1

    a clear synthetic body material.excellent at creating life like baitfish patterns.measures 2" x 12"s…

  • Wapsi Furry Foam Crab Tan Image 1

    use to create caddis nymph bodies or crab patterns.come in 5" x 6" rectanglesavailable in tan, moss …

  • Wapsi Foam Cylinders Black Image 1

    easy solution to tie up wiggle minnow patters.easily sanded into shapeeach cylinder is 1.6" in lengt…

  • Wapsi Foam Bug Bodies Black Image 1

    efective way to create your favorite beetle patterns or spider paterns.available in black or white.

  • Wapsi Fly Foam Brown Image 1

    Ideal material for creating terrestrial patterns.available in 1.5mm and 3mm

  • Wapsi Flexi Cord Black Pearl Image 1
    $6.95 - $7.95

    popular material for creating minnow bodies.can also be used to create helmets for your streamers.

  • Wapsi Flashabou Gold Image 1
    $5.25 - $5.95

    enhance any streamer or saltwater pattern.used as body materi and wing casing for nymph patterns.