• Wapsi Ultra Chenille Cream Image 1

    standard for streamer body creationdensly packed chenille that comes in several different colors and…

  • Wapsi Thin Skin Black Image 1

    transparent sheet of elastic vinyl.2"x7" in lengthavailable in several colors as well as mottled col…

  • Wapsi Thin Fly Foam Black Image 1

    great for terrestrial patterns.comes in a single pack of three 3"x4.5" 2mm thick sheets.

  • Wapsi Tcs Soft Poppers Black Image 1

    T.C.S. (tapered, cupped, slotted) Soft Foam Popper are used to create popper patterns.can be colored…

  • Wapsi Swiss Straw Black Image 1

    replicate wings and wing casesalso known as raffiacontains approximately 15 feet of material

  • Wapsi Supreme Hair Blue Image 1

    synthetic crimped fiber used for baitfish patternsfavorite among saltwater fishermanapprox. 10" in l…

  • Wapsi Sparkle Yarn Yellow Image 1

    three strand rug fibercreate caddis bodies as well as Merkin crab patterns.

  • Wapsi Sparkle Braid Gold Image 1

    woven strand of mylar.perfect for ribbing and wing casesused as body material for saltwater patterns…

  • Wapsi Sow Scud Dubbing Rainbow Image 1

    mimic the different color variations of sow-bugs and scuds.long thin synthetic fibers for creating s…

  • Wapsi Sow Scud Back Brown Stone Image 1

    long thin ribbon of siliconeuse to create scud and caddis pupae patternsapprox. 35" in length

  • Wapsi Slf Dubbing Dispenser Dave Whitlock 1 Image 1
    $17.95 - $19.50

    convenient dispenser filled with Synthetic Living Fiberholds up to 12 different colors