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  • Veevus Holo Tinsel Black Image 1

    higher breaking strength and more tinsel per spool1/64" wide, 30m per spool. Medium size: 1/32" wide…

  • Uni Products Uni Thread Black Image 1
    $2.95 - $3.95

    cylindrical, strong, and versatile threadavailable in 3/0, 6/0, and 8/0

  • Veevus Mono Thread Black Image 1

    especially strong monofilament.popular amongst the saltwater enthusiast for its durability.allows un…

  • Veevus Power Thread Black Image 1

    flat waxed slow building thread ideal for binding streamers together100 meter spoolavailable in 140 …

  • Veevus Gsp Plus Black 50 Denier Image 1

    strong and durable thread.best used for streamers and spinning dear hair.75 meter spools

  • Veevus Body Quill Black Image 1

    versitile semi elastic material.great for creating flashy nymph bodies.32 yard spools

  • Utc Vinyl D Rib Amber Image 1

    Vinyl D-Shaped soft and semi elastic body material.comes loaded on a spool and is easy to use in a b…

  • Uni Products Uni Floss Bright Yellow Image 1

    can produce beautiful smooth bodied flies.can be used as body material, tailing material, ribbing an…

12 of 18 Items