Guided Fly Fishing Trip Planner

We've gathered the info you'll want to know about how you can have the best day on the water with our guided fly fishing trips.

There are many things to consider before spending a day on the water. Weather, photo period, and elevation are a few things to consider as well as any personal conditions you may have. We have detailed some of these different factors below and offer our advice to ensure your comfort and success on the water.


Prior to any day on the water, be sure you have checked the weather forecast for the specific area you will be fishing. Weather in Western North Carolina can change quickly and there is often substantial variations in temperature. With afternoon thunderstorms prevalent in the late spring, air temperature can fall 10-15 degrees in a few minutes. Late spring precipitation can be very intense and we always recommend our clients bring a rain jacket and maybe even an extra change in clothes. We do our best to forecast the conditions for your trip. However, the ever-changing conditions advise us to be overly prepared on each trip.

Photo Period / Elevation

Because of the dense forest canopies that surround many of the rivers we fish, the thick tree cover can often prevent sunlight from reaching the stream. Also, higher elevation streams will be prone to cooler air temperatures than those experienced in Asheville. We recommended arriving at Hunter Banks dressed in multiple layers to ensure daylong comfort.

Personal Health Conditions

Always inform your fly fishing guide of any medical conditions that you have prior to departure. Because some of the areas we fish can be remote and limit communications, we may recommend a less remote option to ensure safety remains a top priority. Rest assured, great fishing options exist within cell coverage so you'll still have a great day on the water. Be sure to bring any medication that you may need during the day. Our guides hold First Aid and CPR certifications and will do their best to ensure your safety on the water.

Personal Items

We've prepared a list of personal items that you may wish to bring along on your guided fly fishing trip.

  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Fishing Hat
  • Rain Jacket
  • Spare Clothes / Socks
  • Sunscreen
  • Medication