• Wapsi Bucktail Black Image 1

    great option for any pattern that calls for deer hairdyed over bleached white fur

  • Wapsi Black Bear Fur Natural Image 1

    a consistant colored fur mixed with a soft under furseparate out the follicles and stack to make tai…

  • Wapsi Arctic Goat Black Image 1

    a very fine flowing furperfect length for any streamer or saltwater paternincredible movement when u…

  • Wapsi Wood Duck Lemon Barred Image 1

    fine barred feathers perfect for wing and tailing material6 feathers per pack

  • Wapsi Strung Schlappen Black White Image 1

    available in barred or solid colorsa favorite material for pike and musky fishermanenahnce any strea…

  • Wapsi Strung Rooster Saddles Black Natural Image 1
    $4.95 - $8.95

    great material for hackling purposes, tailing material, streamer, and salt water patternsdyed over b…

  • Wapsi Strung Marabou Black Image 1

    a must have for any fly tying collectionuse to create large pulsating tails on streamer patterns

  • Wapsi Peacock Herl Natural Image 1
    $2.75 - $6.50

    each herl is approx 5-8" in lengthgreat material for any dry fly, nymph, or streamer pattern.availab…