• Wapsi Peacock Herl Natural Image 1
    $2.75 - $6.50

    each herl is approx 5-8" in lengthgreat material for any dry fly, nymph, or streamer pattern.availab…

  • Wapsi Ozark Turkey Tail Cinnamon Tip Image 1

    pretreated turkey feathers perfect for tailing, body, or wing materialeach pack comes with two match…

  • Wapsi Ostrich Herl White Image 1

    long and floowing tendrils that work great to mimic nymph gillsuse to create scud and caddis pupae p…

  • Wapsi Hen Neck Black Image 1

    great source for hackle materialused to create parachute and also popular as soft hackle material

  • Wapsi Grizzly Marabou Brown Image 1

    golden standard for most fly tying collectionsbest used for tailing and body materialapprox 6-8" in …

  • Wapsi Grizzly Hen Neck Natural Image 1

    great source for hackle materialuse to crete parchutes on dry fly patterns, tailing material on nymp…

  • Wapsi Goose Quill Natural Gray Image 1

    use one side of the feather in creating wrapped nymph and dry fly bodies and the other side for tail…