• SALE
    Wapsi Round Rubber Black Image 1
    $2.44 - $3.75

    semi elastic legging material.1" x18" Long skirt

  • Wapsi Razor Foam Chartreuse Image 1

    extremly thin foam that works well with wingcaes or wings.two sheets of .5mm and 1.0mm per pack

  • Wapsi Pearl Chenille Black Image 1
    $2.75 - $3.75

    carded product made up of tightly packed mylar flash.create flashy streamer or nymph bodies.

  • Wapsi Palmer Chenille Brown Image 1
    $3.50 - $3.75

    single-sided chenille with fine synthetic fibers mixed with flash.great for creating streamer bodies…

  • Wapsi Midge Flash Olive Pearl Image 1
    $4.75 - $4.95

    create legs or wings for midge patterns.approx 11" in length.available in olive pearl and pearl

  • Wapsi Mayfly Tails Dark Dun Image 1

    simple way for you to create a realistic mayfly tail.1.75" in lengthavailable in medium dun, dark du…

  • Wapsi Leech Yarn Black Image 1

    perfect for creating large buggy bodiescarded Materialavailable in dark brown, olive, and black

  • Wapsi Holographic Tinsel Gold Image 1

    very durable tinsel.does not split when stretched out.Small (1/69") (30m per spool), Medium (1/32") …