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  • Utc Vinyl D Rib Amber Image 1

    Vinyl D-Shaped soft and semi elastic body material.comes loaded on a spool and is easy to use in a b…

  • Uni Products Uni Floss Bright Yellow Image 1

    can produce beautiful smooth bodied flies.can be used as body material, tailing material, ribbing an…

  • Utc Ultra Wire Black Image 1
    $2.25 - $3.75

    ideal material for ribbing and body materialprovides additional weight and flash.available in x-smal…

  • Wapsi Round Lead Wire 0 010 Image 1

    used to add additional weight without obscuring the overall taper of your nymph or streamersoft and …

  • Utc Pearl Tinsel Image 1

    often used as a ribbing or body material.Small (1/64"), Medium (1/32"), Large (1/16")

  • Utc Kevlar Thread Natural Yellow Image 1

    ideal for large fly patterns, streamrs, and spinning dear hair.very strond and durablethickness is 2…

  • Utc Holographic Tinsel Black Image 1

    great material for creating a flashy fly body or ribbing3D flashsizes from 1/69 in. (small) to 1/16 …

  • $4.50

    varnished metalic tinsel wire.excellent for ribbing on many different nymph patterns.does not tarnis…

  • Utc Flat Mylar Tinsel Image 1

    excellent choice to create a segemented look on your nymph patterns.come on a spoolavailable in silv…

24 of 24 Items